Portrait of a passionate artist driven by her admiration for horses, whose artworks’ blazing movement and dazzling colors should find their place in every onlooker’s heart, be it love at first sight or at command.

As a Fine Arts graduate, interior designer and cultural engineer, it is crucial to me to paint singled out works for each and everyone. From my background and my taste for luxury and beauty, I especially value the use of materials as precious as gold powder or crushed gemstones, with the aim of making each painting or clothing exceptional and unique. Which is of course crucial when the artwork happens to be an order.

My rapturous enthusiasm for movement is not new. I always used to dance. As a little girl, I dreamt of a ballerina life. Growing an adult, I became more of a ballroom dancer. Travel is likewise second nature to me. Namibia, Iceland, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, and more, are all destinations that have richly fed my pictorial work.

My passion for art and horses began in childhood. Their stirring eyes and stunning figure with such gracious gaits touched me to the core. To my mind, polo combines elegance, boldness and accuracy. I literally fell in love with that sport, and when in front of my easel looking at the field, I attend a chucker, I may let emotion rush on me by itself. By so creating, pieces of art can come alive, and become three dimensional, to the point for the viewer of being color splashed through the canvas.

Feeling that one could thrill so intensely made me realize that polo truly is the game of kings and the king of games.

Sold artworks: Snow Chucker, Offside, Deauville Plage, Hermès, L'élégance.