Groupe Artivism, MasTassini Studio

Adélaïde Leferme sera représentée avec 3 œuvres à l’honneur par le groupe Artivism, avec pour curatrice Alexandra Mas, au sein de l’Aqua Art Fair du salon Miami Art Basel.

Adélaïde Leferme creates a singular universe that intrigues as much as it interrogates. Allying painting, natural pigments and golden leaves, her work revisits the classical, both in its myths and its forms, thus adding a mystic touch to the real and the contemporary. Testifying of a precise analysis of the living and its environment, as well as a great mastering of the painted gesture, her work, more than revisiting the classical, re-establishes it into the field of the contemporary to which it becomes a tool of sublimation.
Artivism | MasTassiniStudio
Mas Tassini studio are the creators of Artivism and co-creators of Shim Eco. Artivism is an art manifest happening at the Venice Biennale in Spazio SV and in Aqua Art-Miami Art Fairs. Partners and Curators: Shim Art Network, HOHENTHAL UND BERGEN, Frederici Gatti communication
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